Case Study :: The House Modesto

Case Study :: The House Modesto
Total Wattage :: 692 Kilowatts




- The House Modesto required a sizable solar installation to cover its energy usage across multiple buildings, including its large sanctuary, as well as administrative, classroom, and fitness facilities.

- Kurios Energy recommended The House secure a reliable solar financing solution, to enable it to move forward quickly with the project. Rapid execution would be required to lock-in favorable Net Energy Metering (NEM) rules with the Modesto Irrigation District (MID) electric utility before MID’s program was fully subscribed.




- The House selected Kurios Energy based on its extensive commercial solar experience.

- The House secured credit approval from Technology Credit Corporation (TCC) early in the process to ensure that financing would be ready as soon as the project secured building permits and utility approval.

- The House and TCC negotiated and signed the PPA financing while Kurios Energy proceeded with design and permitting of a complex solar installation across multiple buildings and utility meters.




- Kurios Energy completed the installation, enabling The House to achieve Permission to Operate and lock-in MID’s Net Energy Metering “1.0” program.

- Kurios Energy was able to work through complex design, permitting, procurement and installation considerations, drawing down construction financing from TCC as-needed along the way.

Lea Brandy