Case Study :: Grace Baptist Newhall

Case Study :: Grace Baptist Newhall
Total Wattage :: 389 Kilowatts




- Green Convergence recommended Grace Baptist pursue rapid solar financing and construction, along with reroof, to lock-in favorable solar rate tariff in Southern California Edison (SCE) before it expired.

- Line up solar PPA financing to be ready to commence immediately upon completion of re-roof.




- Grace Baptist selected Green Convergence for its local presence and its capabilities in both roofing and solar.

- Grace Baptist secured credit approval from Technology Credit Corporation (TCC) early in the process.

- Grace Baptist and TCC negotiated and signed the PPA financing while Green Convergence executed the roof work and solar permitting.

- With PPA documents signed, TCC stood ready to commence construction financing for the solar immediately upon completion of the roof.




- Green Convergence rapidly completed the solar installation and achieved Permission to Operate, locking-in customer’s desired SCE rate tariff.

- 37 days from first solar milestone payment request to TCC on June 5 to system Permission to Operate on July 11.

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