Technology Credit Corporation offers financing solutions specific to the needs of both non-profit and for-profit organizations.

House of Worship - California | Video courtesy of Sunworks

Non-Profit Customers



To qualify for the 30% federal tax credit, we offer non-profit organizations a power purchase agreement (PPA). We finance construction, purchase the solar system when ready for service, and maintain and repair the solar system over the term of the PPA. You only pay for the actual electricity generated by the solar system, at a predetermined rate.



We believe in supporting organizations that support their community. Other financing sources focus on large businesses with big balance sheets. We focus on an organization’s reason to exist and its ability to serve the community for years to come. As a result, we finance a wide range of non-profit organizations, both large and small


Our Portfolio of Non-Profit Customers Include:

Houses of Worship
Providers of Community Services
Private & Public Schools
Charitable & Environmental Organizations
Home Owners Associations
Health Care & Medical Providers
Credit Unions
Assisted Living Providers
Animal Shelters
Employee Stock Ownership Plans

For-Profit Companies


Commercial SOLAR LEASE



Tax rules allow for the utilization of the 30% federal tax credit when leasing to a for-profit organization. Therefore, we offer lease financing to a range of business customers. A lease offers the simplest approach to financing and provides the most cost effective path to ownership.


Commercial SOLAR Lease Candidates



We focus on commercial organizations that own the real property where the solar system is located. Time in business also matters. We evaluate for-profit businesses much the same way we do the non-profits. We look to the organization’s ability to offer critical products or services to its community.  

Solar Lease terms are typically 10 years, but we can offer shorter terms if requested. 15-year terms are available for organizations with particularly strong credit
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Tech & Other Equipment 

We actively finance all kinds of equipment, including battery storage, LED lighting, HVAC, replacement roofing, as well as other technology equipment. Unlike solar, these transactions are not typically subsidized by tax incentives. As such, all customers can be effectively served with simple lease financing. Lease terms can range from 2-7 years depending on your needs.

We are always open to finance all the asset acquisition needs of creditworthy customers – especially those underserved by traditional lenders.

We're here to help.

House of Worship - California | Video courtesy of Renewable Enery Partners