Who do I contact if I have a billing question?

You can either call our main line at 408.350.7500 or e-mail our accounting department at accounting@creditcorp.com with all billing inquiries.

I have questions regarding the terms of my agreement?

Should you have any questions regarding the terms of your solar agreement, or if you would like to request a copy of your agreement, please contact our operations department at: 408.436.8586 or operations@creditcorp.com

Your company is billing my organization for the solar system, however our agreement does not list Technology Credit Corporation as the counter-party. Can you explain?

Sure. Technology Credit Corporation operates numerous private-label financing programs for many well-known solar installers across the country. Some examples include California Solar Fund, which was in support of Tesla Energy (formerly SolarCity), or our financing subsidiary American Renewable Capital, Inc. These programs were established to differentiate these partners from their competitors in the marketplace. However, Technology Credit Corporation has always been the primary party providing the financing.

How do I determine how well my solar system is producing?

Simple. Technology Credit Corporation will provide an annual production report to the contact e-mail on file for your project detailing how well the system performed. This report is typically sent within 45 days following the end of each production year. Should you wish to request a duplicate report or to update your contact e-mail, please contact our operations team: 408.436.8586 or operations@creditcorp.com

Did Technology Credit Corporation install my system?

No. Your organization contracted with a local contractor to design and build the system. Technology Credit Corporation provided the financing solution. As part of our financing, we paid for the system and now own and operate it on behalf of your organization under the terms of your solar agreement.

Who do I call if I believe there is something wrong with my solar system? Do I reach out to the contractor who installed my system?

It is important to note that Technology Credit Corporation has a team dedicated to the continual remote monitoring of the system. Chances are, if something with the system is not operating properly, our team is aware of the issue and assessing the cause. However, should you ever have any system related inquiry or concern, Technology Credit Corporation should be your first call. As the owner and operator of the system at your facility, Technology Credit Corporation will determine who the best local source would be to address and correct any system issue or malfunction (often that will be the contractor who installed the system).

Our asset management team can be reach at: 408.436.8646 or am@creditcorp.com

I would like to exercise my purchase option and take title to the solar system. How do I proceed?

If you would like to purchase the system, or to inquire about other mid-term options available, please contact our operations department at: 408.436.8586 or operations@creditcorp.com


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